We shape the environment, thereafter it shapes us.

The conception of the poster began in Garden’s by the Bay, upon hearing a passing comment, “Everything in Singapore now is artificial.”

So begins a series of questions about my experience living in a city – the exuberance amongst soaring towers, the energy of 5 million people squeezed into a tiny dot and the amalgamation of all things bright, new and shiny.

I love it.

But at the same time, I miss the wide open spaces where my eyes could easily find that thin dividing line between land and sky. My dilemma resonates with the aspirations of our garden city – a term containing two paradoxical words, which definition changes when the order is reversed.

Can we only enjoy nature when its squeezed between our gravity-defying skyscrapers or do we resort to the construction of 100 hectares of artificial greenery for a quiet place to rest our souls? Does Man want to control nature or shall we once again let nature dictate, and plant our tiny blocks between giant super trees like a reverse figure ground?

My vision is a question put forth to the observer, to be prudent with what we are constructing, artificial or natural, its effects and consequences. There is a synonymous relationship between the city and its inhabitants, between the man and nature, between the garden and the city. Our vision of the city becomes the aspirations for ourselves.

We shape the environment, thereafter it shapes us.



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