Bodies of 800 children, born to unwed mothers, have been found dumped in a sewerage tank during mid 90s. (You can read it here http://bit.ly/Td8rZG)

I am weeping for these children and their mothers. The slights we receive now are pale in comparison; I am grateful we live in a time when we do not need to fear for our lives. Moral codes of society are not cast in stone but change over time. We have come a long way, but there is still further to go. T

oday, there are still people all around the world persecuted for their beliefs, their sexual orientation, their ethnicity, in other words, being different. I hope someday during my lifetime, we can live in a society that is tolerant and inclusive of all those who are different either by birth, choice or circumstances.

That would be my one wish for humanity.

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