I have no advocatory pictures, but I would like to share one of my daughter, when she first picked up a book on her own. It was a small book but a big step, towards the love of reading she still carries today.

Likewise today, we have a small victory but a big step towards inclusivity. Our stories will no longer be removed, but instead relocated to another section. It is a fair compromise which truly respects diversity, so I accept.

A week ago today, we made a small gesture to seek the realisation of varied families within our midst. It lead to a big outpour of love and support from Singaporeans and people around the world. Some were inspired to start community pages while other shared stories of their own. I am deeply humbled and give to each and every one of you my utmost gratitude.

Some ninety years ago today, was also the birth of Nelson Mandala, the unequivocal representation of equality and reconciliation. He said that no one is born to hate others because of the colour his skin, his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart.

So the haters, to you I say today,a truly great library contains something that offends everyone, so I will accept the same of a truly open Internet. I stand by my call for tolerance and grace, for I can always avert my gaze, as I have asked the same of you in the library, with the stories which you distain.

Today is a great start of an incredible journey,

today I can tell my daughter that no matter how small you are in size or number, you will always have a voice and place;

for today that small gesture, has led to a big difference being made.


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